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photos from the ‘lodge

March 27th, 2012 No comments

thanks to Sherri Kronfeld for the great photos!  check back, we’ll be posting new performance AND behind-the-scenes photos throughout the festival!

welcoming toast of first Long Table Discussion at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar! (photo Sherri Kronfeld)

"Crawling Between Heaven and Earth" preproduction meeting at the Rudyard Kipling: Audrey Crabtree, production assistant, Jason Narvy, director/Hamlet, Eric John Meyer, playwright welcoming toast of first Long Table Discussion! (photo Sherri Kronfeld)

Yalonda JD Green, Luke McIntosh, Aaron Latos, and Noah Barker improvising a score to Jeff Seals' new silent film, "A Day's Messing," at Haymarket Whiskey Bar (photo Sherri Kronfeld)