Press Release

December 23rd, 2010

Motherlodge presents a Live Louisvile Art Exchange Sept. 30 – Oct.5

On the first weekend of October, Motherlodge will open a 4-day gallery space in walking distance of St. James Art Fair, celebrate the 26th year of The Rudyard Kipling, tell stories, read writings, remember, and meet our new friends at The Bard’s Town. Motherlodge’s Ray Rizzo will kick off a 3 month residency at The Rudyard Kipling, curating a weekend of live band performances of favorite/classic albums with Danny Flanigan, Alanna Fugate, Mateo Barnett, The Clifton’s Kitchen Band, and a vast array of Louisville’s musical congregate.

Cover for all shows is a suggested Five Bucks. There may be additional cover charges for select seats at certain events, but the pay-what-you-can admission will be good for all shows.

The following is a day by day breakdown of our schedule. Approximate times will be posted in the coming days at Thanks!

Thursday Sept. 30th, The Rudyard Kipling 7p.m. – 11p.m.
Motherlodge Gallery Opening
Opening night for Motherlodge’s Gallery space, an installation in the second floor of The Rudyard Kipling. Curated by Louisville artists Jaime Corum and Teresa Koester. Music by Blue Mother Tupelo and tba!

Friday Oct. 1st, The Rudyard Kipling 5p.m. – 1:00a.m.
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Music starts at 5 p.m and leads into a night of singalongs, storytelling, and country punk with Nashville’s Porter Hall, Tennessee and some of Ken and Sheila’s favorite bands! Happy Birthday to The Rudyard Kipling! with Sheila Joyce Pyle, The Gurnsey Brothers, Sheri Wright, Don Smith, Mary Popham, David Owen, and Deanna O’Daniel, Scott Mertz, The Funky Ground H20 Bluegrass Brass Belly Dancing Band, Ted Harlan, Porter Hall, Tennessee, and tba

Saturday October 2nd, The Rudyard Kipling 3p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours
featuring Danny Flanigan, Kimmet Cantwell, members of Rain Chorus, and more Joni Mitchell’s Blue featuring Alanna Fugate, Danny Flanigan and more tba. Two albums of 1970’s Southern California goodness played in their entirety and storytelling in The Rudyard Kipling’s own book nook, The Ink Well (a space designed by Rudyard Kipling General Manager Danny Moran and owner Ken Pyle.)

Sunday October 3rd, The Rudyard Kipling 5p.m. to 10p.m.
Dio’s Holy Diver
featuring Mateo Barnett, Ray Rizzo, Chuck Mingis, and more tba. Motherlodge closes out the St. James Art Fair/Unfair weekend in Old Louisville with the Ronnie James Dio classic. J.P. Lebangood hosts storytelling in The Ink Well at The Rudyard Kipling and Motherlodge’s Gallery Space closes at 9p.m.

Monday October 4, The Bards Town @ 9p.m.
Aqua Heart and Lung
featuring The Clifton’s Kitchen Band. A night of classic rock mashup in Louisville’s newest live art house hosted by J.P. Lebangood. (A bit of trivia: The Bard’s Town Chef Joe Gadansky lived with Lebangood and Motherlodge’s Ray Rizzo, and worked in Clifton’s kitchen. Expect a ruckus!)

Motherlodge is a touring, presenting organization that creates spaces, or “lodges” in cities where artists from different geographic locations can share what they do and work together to create new interdisciplinary artworks. Motherlodge “Live Art Exchanges” are programs that combine diverse performance mediums (music, theater, cooking, visual arts, storytelling, film…), involve online submissions, and encourage cross-city collaborations with artists, venues, community organizations, and individuals.

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