Evan Fugazzi

January 6th, 2014

@ Galerie Hertz

Evan Fugazzi : Paintings
March 10 – April 6 2013
Opening Reception:
Sunday March 10, 1-4 pm

Kentucky native son and artist Evan Fugazzi takes a break from globe trotting ways to bring Motherlodge and Galerie Hertz some painted beauties. Evan received his MFA from the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, assisted Norweigan painting master, Odd Nerdrum, and has had numerous shows in the northeast. Evan creates narrative through beating out a sensitive color timpany, timbered by strong notes of design. His visual compositions evoke song. He says, “ I love the tension between touch and material when several moments combine in unexpected ways to make something greater than their parts in the way only a painting can.”

Evan Fugazzi – “New Paintings” by Ryan Nafziger

I have a list of famous abstract expressionists, written on a piece of
notebook paper, sitting in front of me. The names are arranged from most
abstract to most figurative. On the abstract end I have Morris Louis as the end
cap. On the figurative end I have Willem de Kooning, sitting as my anchor to
reality. In between, I have Robert Motherwell, Norman Bluhm, Milton Avery and a
line. The line is the separation point between representational and
nonrepresentational art. As I think of more artists, I place them on the
spectrum. Helen Frankenthaler is definitely closer to the line than Louis, but
not as close as Bluhm. Avery is on the other, figurative side of the line, but
just barely. I’ve done this to recreate the realm Evan Fugazzi says his
paintings exist in: the realm of ‘sort of’.

A lot of Fugazzi’s paintings, barely on the nonrepresentational side, are
about as close to the line as you can get without recognizing a hand or a chair
or a piece of fruit. If I were an evolutionary biologist, Fugazzi would be the
fish immediately before the first fish that walked out of the ocean and onto dry
land. What makes Fugazzi’s work strong, in his confusing ‘sort of’ world, are
the color choices. Some of his paintings are ‘sort of’ reminiscent of Matisse
and his red-oranges. Some of his paintings ‘sort of’ look like Cezanne’s still
lifes, with yellows and dark blues. Some paintings have a ‘sort of’ human,
fleshy quality. Color, more than shape, is responsible for the perception of
meaning in Fugazzi’s new paintings.

Fugazzi is ultimately successful in his claimed intentions. His new
paintings create a tension between abstraction and representation. If you are
the sort of person who would rather find meaning in art than be handed it,
Fugazzi’s newest paintings create a large area for searching. It doesn’t hurt
that they look nice on a wall either. Galerie Hertz will host Fugazzi’s latest
from March 10th through April 6th.

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