A Message from Ray Rizzo

February 2014(updated March 2016)

Friends of Motherlodge,

While I find great peace and purpose sitting behind a drum set, I have come to see the responsibility of Motherlodge as perhaps the greatest creative act I can render. It has all the pleasing glory of playing drums – supporting and exciting the people around me, gathering our impulses towards a common thrust and, with all whimsy and fearlessness, seeing where things can go.

This year will mark Motherlodge’s 6th year of existence. Over the past 5 years, the Lodge has expanded and contracted in it’s journey to become a homegrown presenting organization with world-class programming of unique events and collaborations. Our Live Arts Exchanges began as a celebration of the eclectic and all-encompassing environment of The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville. Since our first show on March 29, 2009, we have found Lodges in over 25 venues between Louisville and New York City, with friends and supporters from every imaginable corner of the world of music, theatre and art.

We have focused the ways that we build collaborations and pool resources. For the past four years our goal has simply been to do it, and, as our 2009 and 2010 collaborators at The Salvation Army say, to “do the most good” with what we have.

One thing is certain: Motherlodge cannot exist without support from the communities in which we lodge. I hope you will take a moment and encourage friends and family to join us for Spring Motherlodge in Louisville April 6 and 9, Berea KY April14, or Madison IN April 15.  OR click the the link above marked “Donate to Motherlodge” and see how easy it is to make a tax-deductible donation to Motherlodge Live Arts Exchange.

With many thanks, Ray